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UAC Stainless steel 5.1 barrel give the more realistic texture, marking & finish for your beloved gun. They are available in 3 color, silver polish, black (titanium nitride), gold (titanium nitride). 2 marking: .40 S&W, .45 ACP. 


Constructed by precision CNC with 304 stainless steel. The black & gold finish was came from the titanium nitride coating, which is the same coating that used on real steel barrel. This is a fixed barrel design that will also improve the accuracy.


Maintenance Tips:

Periodically clean the surface of the barrel with lubricant oil can keep it shiny and prevent oxidization. 


*PS: Please note: installing parts / assemble /fitting airsoft gun will need intermediate knowledge; for expert or airsoft gunsmith. Please refer to your airsoft gunsmith for proper installation / fitting. Fitting may be needed as the condition of each airsoft gun might be different.




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