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Aluminum Loading Nozzle For TM G18C   USD55


Aluminum Loading Nozzle for TM G18C is constructed by CNC with 6061 Aluminum which is lightweight and extremely durable. It can capable for high pressure, heavy use. Keep your mind peace without worrying of breaking the nozzle when shooting in full auto. The perfect shape & tight tolerance of the nozzle ensure air pressure seal within the nozzle to provide constant, smooth blowback. 



Will the Aluminum Loading Nozzle cause damage to the hop-up bulking?

No. The size of Aluminum Loading Nozzle is designed precisely and manufacture in tight tolerance. If install correctly, the nozzle tip will not impact the hop-up bulking.


Please note: installing parts / assemble /fitting airsoft gun will need intermediate knowledge; for expert or airsoft gunsmith. Please refer to your airsoft gunsmith for proper installation / fitting. Fitting may be needed as the condition of each airsoft gun might be different. 

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