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UAC proudly present the competition grade BB pellet. All BBs were special designed with highest quality in the industry which give you perfect trajectory for each shot. They were all in perfect sphere shape with tight diameter tolerance within +/- 0.01mm and high polished to minimize the rate of jamming. Available in 0.2g, 0.25g and 0.28g all come with 4000 shots. 


UAC-BB-NB-020  USD $7

0.2g are suitable for daily training, they are lighter that will be interference by wind or may be over-react to hop-up setting.




UAC-BB-NB-025 USD $8.4

UAC-BB-NB-028 USD $11.5


0.25g and 0.28g are designed for indoor competition. Less interference by wind and hopup. It also can keep a straight and longer trajectory. 


This competition grade BB pellet was designed for high precision airsoft guns use only. As the BBs were having such tight tolerance, any damage / dirt on the airsoft gun may affect the feeding process. You may need to modify or replace high precision parts for your airsoft guns in order to reach the highest performance. Please ensure your airsoft guns / equipment are in good condition and have regular maintenance / cleaning.  If you encounter any problem such as jamming / BB not feed to the chamber, please read the troubleshoot section below. 



If you encounter jamming / BB not feed to the chamber. 

1. Check your magazine. Disassemble your magazine. Clean the magazine case and the spring, remove any dirt and oil. Check your magazine lip, replace it if it is damaged. Also check the gasket, it may enlarge due to long term usage and replace it if needed.  


2. Load BB to the magazine, then load it to your gun. Cock the slide slowly, check the position of the nozzle. If the angle was point upward, you will need to modify the nozzle.  


3. For AEGs, disassemble your gun and gear box. Check / clean if any dirt / oil in the chamber.  

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