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AIMPOINT H1/T1 MOUNT  USD $ 55 (1 pc)

 UAC-ACC-00001-BK ( Black), UAC-ACC-00001-S (Silver), UAC-ACC-00001-G (Gold)


UAC Aimpoint H1/T1 Mount was CNC with aircraft-graded 6061 aluminium which combines the feature of high strength, resistance to shock and light weight. Hollow design in the middle of the mount in order to further lighten in weight but remaining the strength. Anodized treatment on the surface and provided extra resistance to scratch. Available in silver, black and gold (limited) color. 

UAC Aimpoint H1/T1 Mount 是由航空用6061鋁材CNC製做出來, 集合了高強度, 防震和輕量的優點. 中空的設計使橋的重量更輕但不失強度. 表面使用了氧化處理以加強防括表現. 備有銀,黑,金 (限量)以供選擇.



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