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20-7-2016 Aluminum Nozzle Valve for TM Hi-capa / 1911 launched 


11-7-2016 New UAC authorized dealer: EL-Pirata (Neatherland)


11-7-2016 Stainless Steel Threaded Barrel for Hi-capa, new black color. 


4-7-2016 Aluminum Bolt Carrier for TM M4A1 MWS, Tactical Magbase for Hi-capa


May-2016: New products launch: Reinforced Loading Nozzle for TM M4A1 MWS, Speed Shoot Sight for TM G17/G18c, Ultra Bright Fibre Optic Front Sight for G17, Aluminum Valve Blocker for TM G18c.



 Latest Video:   

UAC Aluminum Bolt Carrier For TM M4A1 MWS: 

UAC Aluminum Nozzle Valve:


New & Coming Soon:





UAC Valve Block For TM G18C



UAC Tactical Magbase For Hi-capa























UAC Match Grade Stainless Steel Hammer Type D



Stainless Steel Silencer Adapter



UAC Hop-up Chamber For TM G17/18C  










Reinforced Hammer Housing for TM G18C



Steel Hammer Set for TM G18C



Stainless Steel Rotor 


Reinforced Aluminum Trigger Hosing For TM/WE G17/G18C


 Stainless Steel Pin Set For G17 G18C





Ultra Lightweight Blowback Houing For TM G17 V2















Ultra Lightweight Rear Sight For Hi-capa 5.1































































































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